Feature Film


Shot on location in Bariloche, Argentina.

The second film by BLACK BOOT BEACH FILMS. A western set in 1920 on the rugged landscape of the pompas of Patagonia. Young adventuresome goldseekers from around the world make their way to the turn of the century gold-rush in Argentina. Far from home and second guessing their thrill-seeking impulses once the gold runs out, these wayward souls turn on each other for love and for profit

Shot over three months using the same “exquisite corpse” method as THE ORANGE THIEF- everyone who showed up had the option of being a director and, having no advance script and writing as we shot, anyone who picked up a camera would write their own scene, cast it and shoot it with little input from the others. Everyone this time was expected to be an actor. Four HI-DEF cameras were available on location. The first month was spent learning about Bariloche, gaucho culture (past and present), tango dancing, horse riding, and shooting test scenes– everyone required to direct and act in each other’s scenes.

The initial concept was to come away with two films at the end of the 3 month shoot- a western and a contemporary film. After the first month the western footage was so entertaining that the decision was made to focus on a western. At the month and a half point a story line was decided upon based on characters that were getting sketched out. And, like the ORANGE THIEF, participants who looked good on camera in the first month became the leading actors and those with aggressive writing/directing impulses became directors. This time around, as was the goal, there will be more than a handful of director credits listed.

The mountains and hills surrounding Bariloche are absolutely stunning, rivaling Monument Valley in the US, but equally unwelcoming and unforgiving. The wind howls (making it a bitch to record on-site sound…unless you were the lucky crew to get the Zepplin fuzzy mic cover!), and the terrain is thorny at every step. No love if an actor got tossed from a horse. The horses the gauchos wrangled for us had to be ridden to the various locations- which served as a perfect opportunity for the actors to hone their riding skills.

Most of the cast and crew of THE ORANGE THIEF made their way to Argentina to be part of the second film. The production also posted on CRAIGSLIST.com for adventuresome filmmakers to join us for the three month commitment. The crew for TSOTK was twenty people from all over the world (Peru, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Sicily, USA, France, Switzerland). Everyone lived in the same house- a two story building on a horse farm run by gauchos. My bags, including my computer (to edit on) were held up in Brazil for three weeks because they found my prop gun (a starter pistol). Amazingly, when the bags did finally arrive everything was intact…except for the gun which is still in Brazil.