>OR=2U (Greater Than or Equal to You)

A playground fight takes on new repercussions now that the loser (Tina) has a camera and a video blog. The first feature to take place entirely on youtube.com (Fall 2006)

written by Vinnie Angel, Hisao Kushi

Directed by: Tina (aka Kirsten Semenkowitz, Vinnie Angel, Hisao Kushi)

>OR=2U (GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO YOU), is the first feature narrative to be completely embedded within Youtube, the popular online video site.

The story charts the collision of TEEN GIRL FIGHTS, TEEN VIDEO BLOGS, ACNE & TOLSTOY. Its the subtle, lo-fi tale of TINA, a NYC high school senior girl acting out on her fears before graduating into our upside-down post-911 world. The complete story-line is only viewable one clip/scene at a time and bounces back and fourth between the posted videos of three different teens. Viewers aren’t given any directives on how to follow the story—they are left to assemble the narrative as they choose.

The film is inspired by and fully embraces the one-clip-at-a-time Youtube generation of filmmaking and is intended to be viewed in its entirety online, on Youtube. Watch the video to the right for a brief intro video to TINA’S world.

To access all of TINA’S videos on TINA’S youtube profile page simply click on her profile name (tinaisback). Watch as many you’d like.
Tag line:
The playground fight takes on new repercussions now that the girl fight loser has a camera and a video blog.

Today’s teen dramas are no longer seen in drive-ins or at the local multiplex, but online at Youtube and MySpace. Equipped with a HandyCam and iMovie, teens are making, watching and sharing their own lives/stories at a rate of 50,000 videos a day. Every day. 24/7. This is the Youtube generation. Our film is inspired by and fully embraces the Youtube generation of filmmaking and is meant to be viewed in its entirety online, on youtube.com. But unlike other Youtube tales (eg Lonelygirl15 et al), >OR=2U is the first feature narrative to be completely imbedded within the popular online video site. You can go to Youtube right now and check it out!

As early adaptors to Youtube we were fascinated by two trends fostered by subscribers to Youtube: (1) teenage girls video blogging every mundane detail of their lives to the world and (2) video posts of teen girl fights filmed and posted by friends, enemies or strangers of the combatants. Having empathy for these young women who lose these often brutal and now immortalized fights (on videos posted online) we were inspired to create and post a Youtube storyline that features a girl fight loser who also has a video blog to give voice to her predicament.

We began posting our story in September and we will upload our final post in early Dec. Our goal was simply to shoot a Youtube inspired story line and post all of the ’scenes’ using the sporadic uploading schedule that a teen girl video blogger would follow. It is intended to be interacted with as all Youtube videos are-one clip at a time. It is completely up to the viewer to watch only one of TINA’S clips or 50. To foster realistic Youtube subscriber interaction with our characters and to prevent our story from being OUTED we have not notified anyone of our project (you are the first). Not even the actors or our friends know that this uploaded teen drama is presently online. We want visitors to Youtube to come across our story in a random fashion-allowing for an unguided tour of our narrative. This natural viewer ship is already happening online, one video clip reaching over 7,000 views.

Our story is told predominantly through the video postings of Tina, an academically successful, but complicated high school senior from Brooklyn, NY, who plots her revenge on the school bully, Jana. Tina surrounds herself with a cadre of friends and acquaintances as she battles for both status and romance, all in the shadow of a post 9/11 world. The videos, ranging in length from 30 seconds to five minutes are posted by Tina, by her friends and by her enemies in an interconnected web of Youtube accounts at “tinaisback”, “valstrap”, “jakeee11″ and “kshante”.

Just as poetry and prose co-exist, so too will online video and traditional film. The online format allows viewers to discover the video clips at their own pace and at each viewer’s own level of interaction

Note: The directors are not associated with Youtube in any way other than that we spend too much time surfing its videos.