Written by : Boogie Dean & Vinnie Angel Produced, Directed & Edited by:B. Dean, V.Angel & Artie Wilinski

Shot on location in Lucca-Sicula, Sicily

DVD Release date:

8-12-08 (Warner Brothers)

Available at NETFLIX and everywhere else.

“What poetry! What beauty! This movie radiates a subtle humanity that would make Mahatma Gandhi weep with joy. Such is the essence of “The Orange Thief,” a remarkable independent film by first time directors Boogie Dean, Arthur Wilinski, and Vinnie Angel. Filmed in Sicily over the course of one month, this unique movie has managed to earn numerous awards and was greeted by enthusiastic applause by movie goers at its sold out showings”- Kevin Haugen, The Leader

Director’s Notes:
The Orange Thief is a uniquely independent film, having been created from scratch in one month—in a foreign language, with Italian and Sicilian non-actors, by first time directors.

Our initial goal was to combine 11 dynamic individuals in a remote location (the mountains of Sicily) for two months—none with acting or directing experience, and create a complete feature film, from scratch—-story concept to final take.

We set out for Sicily with the expectation that everyone who showed up would have an equal opportunity to be a director or an actor. Our group was half Italian and half American with one Frenchman tossed in for good measure (and good cooking!). All 11 slept in two adjacent rooms, took turns cooking—and in the first month, we took turns directing and acting as we taught ourselves how to use the cameras and how to shoot scenes. In the second month, we created our story concept and divided up into actors and directors, based on what each person felt their strength was in our first month of test shooting.

THE ORANGE THIEF did not begin with a script, only plot concepts and character sketches that the directors divided up, scripted and shot separately–sort of an “exquisite corpse” method of filmmaking. Each director had a SONY HDV camera and shot his scenes completely independent of the other directors. Only after a scene was scripted, cast, shot and roughly edited was it presented to the other directors for comment and criticism. If it was agreed that the scene was successful the other two directors would incorporate the new character developments, new props, new locations, or new secondary characters into their follow-up shoots.

THE ORANGE THIEF was filmed entirely in Lucca-Sicula, the mountain town that is also the hometown of Boogie and Vinnie’s paternal grandparents. The same town that their grandfather fled as a teen to come to NYC to attempt to become a movie star.

The entire production cost less than $15,000.

Did we mention that many of the scenes were shot with no crew? Just a director, two actors, a thousand flies, and the boom on a tripod.


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Andrea Calabrese and Micaela Saxer in the ORANGE THIEF © 2008 BBB
Andrea Calabrese and Alessio Giottoli in the ORANGE THIEF © 2008 BBB
Micaela Saxer as ROSALBA Nuccio Di Lisi as the GUARD
The Thugs
The Directors
Vinnie on location in Sicily with his cousin Benedetto

On location: Craft services… Sicilian Style

Late night on the road back from Sciacca