WHERE’S THE MUSIC • Animated music video for MEDESKI MARTIN& WOOD’s 2008 children’s album: LET’S GO EVERYWHERE

Illustrated/directed/animated in Final Cut Pro by: Vinnie Angel • AfterEffects by: Jessica Plummer

A music video that I created and animated for the renowned NYC “avant-groove” band MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD. I did the animation using Final Cut Pro, having drawn all the cells in Adobe Illustrator and then importing as jpgs into FCP. Complicated movements such as the camel running sequences were created in AfterEffects.

The children’s voices and the breaks in the music are part of the actual song. I extended the breaks to accommodate my narrative idea.

The inspiration for this animation came from two sources: (1.) an entertaining hand drawn, teen doodle-esque, lo-fi animated music video for the Italian musician Jovanotti that I found on Youtube, inspiring in it’s simplicity, and (2.) the lo-fi musical numbers that closed every episode of the Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids cartoon. Using the least amount of motion, the animators for Fat Albert were able to keep the musical number fresh even though the same simple movements were repeated every show. My goal for the Where’s The Music vid was the same– to bite the lo-fi flavor and simultaneously keep it fast and not from concentrate.