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Client: Blue Q

Yeah, yeah…not all my ideas are met with bouquets of roses, a shot of Jager and a slap on the back, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad ideas. I’d like to think that some of my best ideas never make it to market because they are so far ahead of their time…or something.

Five Temp Tat ideas that I mocked for Blue Q:

FAKE EYEBROWS – by far my favorite tattoo idea. Tell me some savvy kids wouldn’t have lept at the chance to shave their eyebrows and slap on the London Bridge Eyebrow Replacement Temp tat? Would have ushered in a whole new movement of designer eyebrows along with a greater appreciation for architecture

IV’E GOT A HAIR BAND IN MY PANTS- the third in my PARTY IN MY PANTS® temp tat series. Based on an actual LA band called Pantz Noyzee. Next time you’re in LA, grab the local city paper and see if the “Noyz Boyz” are tearing it up at the Viper Room

HOT-n-SCARY PIN-UPS- inspired by the Vargas girls from yesteryear, but with a contemporary twist! Roll up your sleeve and share TOXIC SPILL TINA, ELECTRIC CHAIR ELLIE, or BOMBS AWAY BERNICE.

EDIBLE LOVE HANDLES- everyone talks about how this piece of cake or that rich cut of meat will be “a second on the lips but a lifetime on the hips.” Now you can SLAP A TAT IN PLACE OF THE FAT! Why not actually wear this seriously played out urban phrase instead of talking our ear off about how you’ll go on a diet after Labor Day?

SMOOTH MOVES CRIB NOTES- me looking out for the ladies yet again. My attempt to prep teen boys so they fumble less and dazzle more. Everyone wins!

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