Concept, copywriting, illustration, design

Client: Blue Q

The HUMPY PUPPY set was initially a gag I mocked-up and included with a design idea for HAPPY PUPPY GUM. Blue Q being Blue Q ditched HAPPY PUPPY and put HUMPY PUPPY into production. They even followed up the idea with this magnet set. I’m still a tad embarrassed about the puppy sexing the sock-monkey magnet…and, I’m the first to admit that the bowling ball one is a tad grotesque. But, hey, they sold well.

The COMING OUT MAGNETS and the WOMEN TIRED OF TAKING MEN’S SHIT MAGNETS were sets Blue Q put out based on the sets I had initially self-distributed as part of my FRIGGIN MAGNETS® series..

Scientists have deducted that 10% of the animal kingdom (including humans) are gay. Then it would go without saying that this equation would hold for cartoon characters, right? Right. My COMING OUT MAGNET set outs this theory. “We’re Queer! We’re Cartoons! Get used to it!”. Four different cartoon characters are seen calling up a loved one and announcing, unabashedly, their preferred sexual orientation (“Hey Granny, I’m involved with another plunger!”). The purple unicorn character on the bottom left of the backing sheet is Uni, a gay unicorn my brother Gus created for a comic strip concept I really liked called HAPPYLAND.

The WOMEN TIRED OF TAKING MEN’S SHIT MAGNETS are pretty straight forward.