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Client- Blue Q



Temp tats…designed for the good folks at Blue Q. My goal was to create tats for acreage on the body that is rarely harvested for ink- the belly. Sure, Tupac’s THUG LIFE belly tat did start a revolution near the belly button, but strictly for the wanna-be gangsta set.

The I’VE GOT WORLD PEACE IN MY PANTS temp tat set offers everyone the opportunity to tuck some good vibes into your pants. If only our troops showed up in Iraq with doughnuts, then they really would have been welcomed with open arms.

BELLY SUCKERS belly tats. These are hands down the most successful product I’ve designed for Blue Q, at least ranked in terms of customer satisfaction. Turns out kids really dig a Thirsty Pirate hoisting a bottle of rum to their navel.

Obviously, Blue Q is willing to challenge the consumer in absurd ways, but they don’t go for all my ideas. Click here to see a few of my TEMP TAT CONCEPTS that didn’t make it to print.

On tattoos: Even though I presently wear no ink I’ve always been a tat fan. I have a mental rolodex of tats I’ve seen and liked and tats I’ve seen and been flabergasted that someone could be so spontaneously idiotic. Maybe everyone keeps this list.

Some favorite real tattoos: -An outline of the states bordering the great lakes region of the US- on the arm of JD- musician in LeTigre (below left).

- A tattoo of Coney, one of the protagonists from my GIANT Roller Coaster Sticker Book, on the arm of a random book lover (upper right).

-A cartoon of an overweight father-type mowing a lawn (I assumed it was the wearer’s pops)- on a random arm in NYC (no foto available).

-teardrop tattoos- I’ve heard every possible reason what these tattoos of a teardrop next to the wearer’s eye symbolize….that the wearer killed somebody or that the wearer is grieving for someone, etc. Either way, these cartoon tears always remind me of Picasso’s famous Weeping Woman painting. Picasso would’a been nobody’s bitch in prison.