Chewing GUM

Concepts, copywriting, illustration, design

Client: Blue Q

Packs of chicklet-style gum I designed for Blue Q. Sold everywhere.

I can’t take full credit for all of these ideas. The Ideas Dept. at Blue Q came up with SHUT-UP GUM and my wife, Sarah Sockit, came up with the idea for Pimps n Ho’s. If you scroll down you can see the full Pimps-n-Ho’s package design (Undercover PIMPS-n-HO’s: Cops by day, Pimps n Ho’s by night). Click here to see the Pimps n Ho’s Air Freshener.

The HUMPY PUPPY GUM was a gag I mocked-up and included with a design idea for HAPPY PUPPY GUM. Blue Q being Blue Q ditched HAPPY PUPPY and put HUMPY PUPPY into production. They even followed up the idea with a HUMPY PUPPY magnet set.

The top sellers:

(1.) Tastes Like Chicken

(2.) Orgasgum