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Client: Blue Q

Fully functional car air fresheners designed for Blue Q. Distributed across the US.

It’s about time those PINE TREE air fresheners got a refresh. Leave it to Blue Q. As I mentioned in the GUM section, the PIMPS-n-HO’s idea is my wife Sarah Sockit’s. I can take credit for Manny’s House of Wigs on the backside (VOTED TRI-STATE KING OF THE WIGS! Manny’s got you covered).

The MY SHIT REALLY DON’T STINK air freshener has a back-side design with a boy flipping the bird and projectile pooping. That has to be a first in most of the retails stores and gift shops around the country that stocked this product.

The VIRTUAL FUZZY DICE air freshener advertised a virtual scent, and I got Blue Q to get the factory to run this one without any scent. This is the one that hangs in my ride cuz my car don’t stink!

If you scroll all the way down you’ll find the MUD FLAP LADY ONLINE air freshener. She’s got mail! I’m particularly proud of my puns per product quotient on this one.

NOTE: I found the photo of the little boy dressed as a PINE TREE car air freshener online.