15 Point Guide To Peeing in the City
Blue Q Books. 40 pages.
Written by Ray Tempus
Designed & Photographed by Vinnie Angel
Sold in Urban Outfitters as well as most savvy shoppes and booksellers.
It’s tough to find a public restroom in the city but who says you need one? Ray Tempus teaches us to think outside the lavatory with his pocket sized urban survival guide. Tricks and tips for both genders.
A redesign of Ray’s invaluable city guide. Ray’s original book was elegantly lo-fi, right down to the anatomically correct stick figures. BLUE Q, ever the realists, thought photos of actual pee running along the cracks of city sidewalks would better clarify the various methods. So, I enlisted a group of experienced volunteers and hit the streets.
My design concept was to create a book that had the well-worn feel of a anthropologist/flasher’s research field guide,… the working manual of an anti-social loner type who doesn’t wash his hands after he pees,… ever. Thus, the distressed pages, the type-written note cards, the tape holding the volume together, all tinted with a yellow-ish haze.
Some of the options are really helpful!