Vinnie’s CRAMP KICKING Remedies

(Chronicle Books)

Writer, Illustrator

Fans of Vinnie’s Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book rejoice! Menstruation magnate Vinnie the Tampon Case Distributor is back with Vinnie’s Cramp-Kicking Remedies, a low-priced, take-along how-to handbook for curing the PMS blues.

This book is chock-full of over 50 recipes, crafts, exercises, and quick cure-alls to soothe a cranky mood, massage an achy back, and curb a crampy tummy. Best of all, the remedies don’t call for exotic ingredients, just simple everyday items from soup cans to doorjambs, fluffy pillows to minty tea. (Who knew that Mister Purring Kitty could be transformed into a comforting heating pad?) When it comes to demystifying menstruation, there is no one better than Vinnie. His humorous, friendly tone and his playful illustrations will inspire every gal to stand up proudly and say, “I know my flow!”

5.0 out of 5 stars I look forward to my next case of cramps!, July 2, 2006

“Both this and Vinnie’s Period Chart should be translated into every language and presented to every menstruator. Having already bought the period chart for my eldest, I couldn’t wait for my middle one to leave the house so I could wolf down Cramp Remedies. I sat on the couch and howled.

Vinnie’s the greatest thing to happen to women in decades. I’m now recommending both CR and PC to everyone I know. Tip: The what-do-I-get-her-for-her Bat Mitzva / Sweet Sixteen conundrum has now been solved for eternity. Go, Vinnie!”

Tongue-in-cheek:“Remember Vinnie’s Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book ? It was a fun sticker note book with some tips on dealing with Period cramps/PMS written by this guy named Vinnie, who for some odd reason, cares and knows a lot about women’s menstrual cycle issues. ^^;; The sticker book also came with a cute and useful tampon case (design for the purpose that you can carry it in public proudly)! His mission is to encourage women not to be embarass about their issues with period. Now he finally releases a REAL handbook. This new book is almost 100 pages full of solutions, recipes and exercises to sooth period uncomfort and cranky moods. It is fully illustrated with cute cartoons and written in tongue-in-cheek tones. I haven’t tried any of it but most solutions are very everyday practical (no exotic ingredient). It’s a great little book to all those who have suffer period cramps and mood swing. Though just the illustrations alone is worth to get in my opinion ^^;; The character “Vinnie” is drawn more cute this time, less “ugly”-

Summer Find: “…can you guess what time of the month it is? Dilia and I went for a trek around Westdale today and followed it up with some chai. In other words, it was an impeccable afternoon. We got onto the topic of how periods are still somewhat taboo despite the fact that at any possible moment, someone you know is having theirs. I realize that periods are not so taboo that we don’t have commercials for pads and the like, which we do. However, they are so unspeakably annoying and stupid that I will cease from further discussion of them (note to guilty parties: fire your marketing department immediately and try to hire people who are not complete twits).

I simply don’t think that this is something that needs to be hidden, mocked or snickered about (offending males and females: I am talking to you). I have gotten to this point where it is easier for me to tell people I am PMSing rather than have them attempt to decipher my moodiness, erratic crying and consumption of chocolate. One of my summer finds from the bargain books at Chapters was a book called “Vinnie’s Cramp Kicking Remedies”. Underlying the various recipes and yoga postures was a message of openness, from a male no less. It’s a reality of life, much like bad haircuts and colds at inopportune times, so why bother hiding it from those around you? You may even be able to score some chocolate from sympathetic parties…”