All of the products designed in this section were created for Blue Q, the undisputed kings of smart, creative and well-made products distributed in fine stores across the globe.

Once the demand for Vinnie’s Tampon Cases overwhelmed my network of local NYC/Brooklyn fabric distributors, screen printers and sewers I partnered with Blue Q.

Blue Q fully appreciated the particulars of my VTC project and have been the manufacturers and distributors of VTC’s for seven years. Our like-minded world view made us fast friends.

From this friendship I began working on the very cool new products Blue Q develops at their typical breakneck pace.

Blue Q was founded by two brothers, Seth and Mitch Nash and operates out of Western, Mass. The brothers were famous in the 80’s as the original drummers for legendary local Boston band, The Pixies. During live shows they took turns on the kit but eventually quit the band after a renowned on-stage fight with The Ramones at The Rat in Boston (see foto below). Mitch still contends that Joey “did have a fat ass (R.I.P.)”.

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