TORTURE CARTOON • illustration and animation by Vinnie Angel & Quickie Studios

LAND OF THE BLIND • Directed by Robert Edwards• ©2006 Bauer/Martinez Studios

Designed and produced an animated cartoon for the award winning feature film LAND OF THE BLIND. The film stars Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hollander and Donald Southerland.

I created the animation with my brother Gus, writer/director/animator and creator of Quickie Studios ( The director, Robert Edwards, wanted a classic cartoon flavor. Gus and I were Rocky & Bullwinkle, Sherman & Peabody junkies growing up so we went for that. You can see some of our initial sketches as well as a storyboard if you scroll down.

The cartoon plays twice in the film. In the clip to the right the actor Tom Hollander watches it on TV as inspiration for his debased character Maximillian.

Thorne: I didn’t come to violence casually, you know. But you get to a point where you have no choice but to take up arms against your oppressors.

Joe: True, but under Maximillian’s rule we don’t kill innocent bystanders

Thorne: Nobody standing by is innocent.

Production sketches: