Vinnie Angel is an award winning filmmaker, artist and designer. His artwork has shown in NYC galleries and resides deep in the dusty warehouses of renowned collectors. His product designs are widely enjoyed and hotly discussed– from playgrounds to nail salons to Harvard classrooms. His debut feature film is available on Netflix (in Italian w English subtitles).

At the core of much of Vinnie’s work is the challenge to creatively upend ignorant, sexist, racist & globally suicidal behavior by inciting and inspiring a larger and more inclusive dialog.

Vinnie is best known as the creator and designer of the world renowned Vinnie’s Tampon Case Project : a simple canvas case strategically styled to lure guys into a positive, voluntary, and unprecedented non-sexual dialog with their gal pals about their bodies.  The Goal: to spark conversations that might lead to understanding, appreciation, compassion, and ultimately, to end violence against women.   (“Putting the ‘men’ back in menstruation”- JANE Magazine)

Vinnie is a co-creator and artistic director of d!- the online hub for dyslexic kids: “The launch pad to self-esteem and success for millions of d!kids around the world.” (Summer 2016). d! is the brainchild of the filmmaker Peggy Stern, who overcame her own severe dyslexia to become a Harvard graduate and an Academy Award winner.

ADDITIONAL PROJECTS include:- – - – - – - – - – - –

• Creator of Persephone’s Garden- a history of birth control. Art directed and produced by Sarah Moseley. Images of plants used by women as birth control throughout history were etched into stainless steel and embedded in paths leading up to the Planned Parenthood headquarters in Eugene, OR.  On the wall is an installation that illustrates the historical birth control application particular to each of the fourteen plants embedded in the sidewalks. In the lobby floor are stylized images of a birth control pill pack and the barbasco root, a traditional folk birth control method from Mexico that was key to developing the Pill.

• Designer of t-shirt for the I WAS RAPED project created by writer/activist Jennifer Baumgardner. A pale pink shirt with an illustration of a safe, and inside the safe is a note emblazoned with the words “I was raped”. (“A shirt that …would help chip away at the cone of silence that surrounds a crime with humiliation at its core” -New York Times)

• Designer and copywriter of consciousness raising product designs for the worldwide product line of self-proclaimed “merchandising anarchists” Blue Q. Including the internationally distributed temporary tattoo set I’ve Got World Peace in My Pants.

• Creator and designer of FRIGGIN Magnets™–featuring colorful and cartoony fridge magnets such as Women Tired of Taking Men’s Shit, Women Kicking Would-be Rapists in The Nuts, Coming Out Cartoon Characters, as well as fridge magnets warning of the looming environmental crisis such as The Pooping Duck and the Barfing Frog (sold in Urban Outfitters, et al).

•Co-producer/writer of musical skits for the critically acclaimed and politically incendiary 90’s hip-hop albumTricks of the Shade by The Goats “No one in pop music has ever made a woman’s right to choose as essential to their work as the Goats have on this album.”- RS


Vinnie Angel lives in Portland, Oregon with his gorgeous wife and genius daughter. No pets.